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Engineered by: Jason Maurer, Sean Robert Jones, and Andrew Clifford
Mixed by: Sean Robert Jones
Mastered by: Steven Meara
© 2020 Abigail E. McCarthy


I read in the books about fairy tales
And knights to come take me away
And so I took you into my kingdom
And for a while, you would remain

You were all of the things that I wanted
The artist, the sensitive type
I read to you in the evenings
By the lingering glow of twilight

Back then we had a million words, and everything to say

I read in the books about trouble
About storms and shipwrecks and thieves
But you only stole kisses and you calmed all my storms
(In exchange for your gradual retreat)

I remember the sound of your leaving
The footsteps and quiet “goodbye”
Who knew that your words, once so beautiful,
Would become so much more unkind?

Now I had a million words, but none that I could say

I once read in the books about heartbreak
And I cried for the love and the loss
But nothing compares to our final chapter
And all of the battles we fought

Now I’m missing the smoke in your cardigan
The whiskey-rimmed glasses and cheap cologne
Like the books, now untouched, I am covered in dust
For once, completely alone

I still have a million words, but there’s nothing left to say
I still have a million words, but there’s nothing left to say